Collecting Network Capture with Create Like Ninja

To assist with troubleshooting while working with Create Like Ninja, there may be instances when we request you to gather a network capture. This network capture records the HTTP data traffic of the application facing issues and helps us identify the root cause of the problem.

Here are the steps to perform this task using Google Chrome Developer Tools:

  1. Visit Create Like Ninja: Navigate to the Create Like Ninja website.

  2. Open Developer Tools: Right-click anywhere on the webpage, and from the context menu, select "Inspect." This action will open Google Chrome Developer Tools.

  3. Select the Network Tab: Inside the Developer Tools, find and click on the "Network" tab. This tab is where network-related information is displayed.

  4. Initiate Recording: Look for a red circle icon at the top left corner of the Network tab. If it appears greyed out, click on it to start recording. This action begins capturing the network data.

  5. Recreate the Issue: Replicate the problem you are experiencing by either refreshing the webpage or performing actions that trigger the issue. As you do this, the Network tab will log the network requests and responses.

  6. Save the HAR File: After successfully replicating the issue or gathering the necessary network data, right-click within the Network tab where the network requests are listed. From the context menu, choose "Save all as HAR with Content." This will save the captured data in the HAR (HTTP Archive) file format.

  7. Name and Save Your HAR File: Select an appropriate location on your computer to store the HAR file. It is essential to provide a descriptive name for the file to aid in later identification. Once named, click the "Save" button to save it to your chosen location.

  8. Share the HAR File: To facilitate troubleshooting, send the HAR file to our Create Like Ninja support team. You can achieve this by attaching the file to an email and sending it to Our support team will utilize the information contained in the HAR file to investigate and address the reported issue.

Following these steps ensures that you capture and share the necessary network data to enable our ninjas to effectively diagnose and resolve any issues encountered during your use of our service.