Features List


Create Like Ninja is a versatile AI-powered content generation tool with a range of features designed to assist users in creating high-quality content efficiently.

Here's a list of its key features along with brief descriptions

Content Generation Assistance:

Content Generation Assistance is a feature that helps users kickstart their content creation process. It provides suggestions for topics, allows users to integrate relevant keywords, and choose the desired tone of voice. It streamlines the initial stages of content creation by offering AI-driven guidance.

Content Editing:

Content Editing is a crucial feature that enables users to refine and perfect their generated content. After the AI generates the initial draft, users can review, make edits, correct errors, and customize the content to align with their brand voice, ensuring the final output meets their standards.

AI-Powered Suggestions:

AI-Powered Suggestions enhance the quality and structure of your content. This feature provides AI-generated recommendations for headlines, subheadings, and content organization, helping users optimize their content for readability and engagement. It's a valuable tool for creating compelling and well-structured content.