Rate Limit

Due to a bug in the OpenAI API library, the ability to generate images using the DALL-E-3 model has been restricted to 0 images per minute on the Free Tier. In order to unlock access to the model for image generation, it is necessary to upgrade to at least Tier 1. To do this, you can add credits to your OpenAI account through the available functionality on the following page: https://platform.openai.com/account/billing/overview (opens in a new tab).

We apologize for any inconvenience this bug may have caused and appreciate your understanding.

Rate limits

Rate limits are restrictions that OpenAI API imposes on the number of times a user or client can access their services within a specified period of time.

How do these rate limits work?

OpenAI API rate limits are measured in five ways: RPM (requests per minute), RPD (requests per day), TPM (tokens per minute), TPD (tokens per day), and IPM (images per minute). Rate limits can be hit across any of the options depending on what occurs first. For example, you might send 20 requests with only 100 tokens to the ChatCompletions endpoint and that would fill your limit (if your RPM was 20), even if you did not send 150k tokens (if your TPM limit was 150k) within those 20 requests.

Other important things worth noting:

  • Rate limits are imposed at the organization level, not user level.
  • Rate limits vary by the model being used.
  • Limits are also placed on the total amount an organization can spend on the API each month. These are also known as "usage limits".