Train AI

How to train AI

This essential and potent tool empowers you to train our AI using your personal information, crafting content that is not only more precise but also customized to your needs. Through the sophisticated processing and integration of your data and foundational knowledge, our AI is capable of delivering content that is both highly relevant and contextually accurate. This feature transcends mere data generation; it's about elevating your workflow efficiency to new heights.

To access this feature, along with many others, a valid Plus Subscription is required, available at an affordable rate of only €4.99 per month. Unlock the power of tailored AI content creation and transform the way you work.

Train AI with your background knowledge

To enhance our AI's capabilities tailored to your needs, you have the option to upload a diverse range of file types, including text files, PDFs, Word documents, and more. This process allows the AI to learn from your unique knowledge base, ensuring more personalized and effective content creation. To proceed, simply click on the 'Lamp' icon located at the bottom left of the screen, near the 'Tune Settings' icon. This action initiates the training process, integrating your specific insights into our AI system.

Click on lamp icon

When the pop-up window appears, you are free to choose up to 10 files from the accepted file formats. Once you've made your selection, simply click 'Save' to upload your knowledge to our AI. It's important to note that flexibility is a key aspect of this feature; you can update your file selection at any time. This means you have the freedom to add new files, delete existing ones, or modify your selections to continually refine and enhance the AI's learning based on your evolving needs and insights.

Add files

You are now all set to leverage the capabilities of our trained AI for generating impactful content. Before you start the creation process, just remember to enable the 'Use Trained AI' option located in the 'Tune Content' section. This simple action ensures that the AI utilizes the specific knowledge it has acquired from your files, thereby producing more tailored and effective content. Enjoy the experience of personalized AI-driven content creation!