Frequently Asked Questions



Is the app free?

Create Like Ninja (opens in a new tab) is completely free to use. However, to access its features, you will need a valid OpenAI API Key. Please note that the costs associated with using the app, such as credits or tokens, are directly billed by OpenAI based on your usage.

Do I need to pay for OpenAI?

Yes, in order to use ChatGPT within Create Like Ninja, you must have an active OpenAI account and a valid API key. We do not provide or sell API keys ourselves.

Do I need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus ($20/month) to use Create Like Ninja?

No, a ChatGPT Plus subscription is not required to use Create Like Ninja. You only need an OpenAI API Key. Detailed information on obtaining an API key can be found here: OpenAI API Key Guide (opens in a new tab).

How can I get support?

For support inquiries, you can reach out to us via email at support@createlike.ninja. Our expected response time is 2-3 business days.


Where can I find cost estimates or check the context length of my chats?

To view cost estimates or context length for your chats, simply click on the cost indicator icon in the app's interface. This will toggle between displaying cost estimates and context length.

What is a token, and how does it work?

A token represents the total length of your ongoing conversation. OpenAI's API calculates tokens when you send a message, and it serves as the context length limit for your chat. GPT-3.5 allows a maximum of 4,096 tokens per chat, while GPT-4 allows 8,192 tokens for the 8K model and 32,768 tokens for the 32K model. OpenAI may increase this limit in the future.

How is the cost calculated?

The cost of a content crafted includes the token cost for the messages used to generate that content. The number of tokens used depends on the AI character and the length of your document. Please note that all costs are estimates, and for the most accurate cost details, refer to your OpenAI dashboard. The cost is determined by OpenAI's public pricing, with each model and token type having its own pricing structure. Learn more about OpenAI's models, tokens, and context length here (opens in a new tab).

🔒Data Privacy

Is it safe to provide my OpenAI API Key to Create Like Ninja? Does OpenAI permit this usage? Will my data be accessed?

Absolutely, Create Like Ninja only stores your API Key locally on your device and does not transmit it elsewhere. OpenAI permits use cases where the API key is stored locally on the user's device. You can refer to OpenAI's official statement regarding this policy here (opens in a new tab).

Who can access my search query?

Your search requests are sent directly from your browser to the search API without any intermediary servers. This means that your privacy is fully protected, and no one except you and the search engine itself can view your search query and its results.